Zoom Study Groups

We have various study groups available via Zoom and all are welcome to join.
If you would like more information or are unsure about joining, please contact us.

Join us through lent as we explore “Opening our lives”, a new book by Trystan Owain Hughes,

written during lockdown and recommended by the Archbishop of Wales.

Our Lent course will be held each Tuesday during Lent at 4pm.

Meeting ID:  818 9639 5160
Passcode:  710189

Tuesday 16th February
Tuesday 23rd February
Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 9th March
Tuesday 16th March
Tuesday 23rd March

Ever wondered how Christians came to believe?  

What Early Christians believed or what challenges they faced?

Well, our new History of Christianity class is for you!

Held monthly on Mondays at 7pm.

Meeting ID:  897 4958 8202
Passcode:  523305

Monday 22nd March
Monday 19th April
Monday 24th May

Want to discover the poetry of the Bible?  

Or maybe revisit some Sunday school stories?

Well, our new Bible Society Bible Book Club is for you!

Held monthly on Mondays at 7pm.

Meeting ID:  847 1221 8165
Passcode:  575462

Monday 8th March
Monday 12th April
Monday 10th May

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